Warehouse Equipment
  • Stretch film transparent
  • Dimensions: 50cm x 300m
  • Film thickness: 20 my
  • Core diameter: 50mm
  • Colour: transparent
  • max. per parcel: 10
  • max. per pallet: 198
From 1 Pcs:€14.98*€0.05* / 1 Meter
From 6 Pcs:€8.62*€0.03* / 1 Meter
From 36 Pcs:€7.32*€0.02* / 1 Meter
From 72 Pcs:€6.95*€0.02* / 1 Meter
From 198 Pcs:€6.88*€0.02* / 1 Meter
Variants from €5.73
From €5.73
Content: 300 Meter (€0.02 / 1 Meter)
Summe: 1 x €14.98 = €14.98*

840 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • 50 cross bottom bagsenvironmentally friendly, material: soda kraft paper 70 g/m²Dimensions: 23 x 37 cm, bottom fold: 9 cm (for 2,5 kg)versatilefood safe
  • max. per parcel: 40
From 1 pcs:€6.47*
From 5 pcs:€4.55*
From 10 pcs:€3.94*
From 20 pcs:€3.54*
From 40 pcs:€3.62*
From €3.62 pcs
From 40 pcs  
Summe: 1 x €6.47 = €6.47*

650 on Stock, delivery time 2-4 days

  • 50 cross bottom bagsenvironmentally friendly, material: soda kraft paper 70 g/m²Dimensions: 17 x 26 cm, bottom fold: 7 cm (for 1 kg)versatilefood safe
  • max. per parcel: 80
From 1 pcs:€5.92*
From 5 pcs:€3.88*
From 10 pcs:€3.39*
From 20 pcs:€2.95*
From 80 pcs:€2.67*
From €2.67 pcs
From 80 pcs  
Summe: 1 x €5.92 = €5.92*

659 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • 30 g rubber bands X-Band, size & colour: assorted
  • 80 x 11 mm, 50 mm Ø
  • 100 x 11 mm, 65 mm Ø
  • 130 x 11 mm, 85 mm Ø
  • 150 x 11 mm, 100 mm Ø
  • made of natural rubber
  • max. per parcel: 300
From 1 pcs:€4.32*
From 3 pcs:€3.78*
From 5 pcs:€3.55*
From 15 pcs:€3.44*
From 30 pcs:€3.29*
From €3.29 pcs
From 30 pcs  
Summe: 1 x €4.32 = €4.32*

22 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • 10 snap-off bladesBlade width: 18 mm7 segmentsColor: silverMaterial: stainless steel
From 1 Pcs:€2.25*
From 5 Pcs:€1.25*
From 10 Pcs:€1.00*
From 24 Pcs:€0.90*
From 48 Pcs:€0.83*
Variants from €0.72
From €0.72
Summe: 1 x €2.25 = €2.25*

67 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Cutter knife incl. 1 snap-off bladePlastic housingHousing color: OrangeBlade width: 9 mm
Extra Klingen
From 1 Pcs:€1.79*
From 5 Pcs:€0.90*
From 10 Pcs:€0.83*
From 20 Pcs:€0.76*
From 60 Pcs:€0.60*
From €0.60
Summe: 1 x €1.79 = €1.79*

78 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • 100 pcs. Pressure seal bags / ZIP bags
  • Usable inner dimensions (lying flat): 40x60mm
  • Thickness / Quality: approx. 50my
  • Properties: reclosable
From 1 pu:€3.25*
From 5 pu:€0.85*
From 10 pu:€0.52*
From 100 pu:€0.28*
From €0.28 pu
Summe: 1 x €3.25 = €3.25*

1208 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Back: Self-adhesive
  • Inner dimensions: 225 x 110 mm
  • Colour: Transparent
From 1 pu:€6.74*
From 70 pu:€5.55*
From 210 pu:€5.07*
From 960 pu:€3.64*
From €3.64 pu
From 960 pu   (1 Packing unit = 100 pcs. )
Summe: 1 x €6.74 = €6.74*

1115 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Snap-off blades for cutter knives 18mm
  • 7 segments
  • thickness of the snap-off blades is approx. 0,5mm
  • ice-hardened, long-lasting
  • Packaging unit: Safe plastic dispenser with 10 blades
Variants from €1.19
From €1.19
Summe: 1 x €1.51 = €1.51*

388 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • 50 cross bottom bagsenvironmentally friendly, material: soda kraft paper 70 g/m²Dimensions: 14 x 22 cm, bottom fold: 5,5 cm (for 0,5 kg)versatilefood safe
  • max. per parcel: 100
From 1 pcs:€5.53*
From 5 pcs:€3.49*
From 10 pcs:€2.93*
From 20 pcs:€2.56*
From 100 pcs:€2.19*
From €2.19 pcs
From 100 pcs  
Summe: 1 x €5.53 = €5.53*

2044 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

Equip now with suitable storage and operating requirements

In our extensive assortment you will not only find packaging goods. In addition to parcels, boxes, fillers and envelopes, we also offer a wide range of accessories for your move or the storage of products. A clearly arranged warehouse is indispensable in the mail order business itself. Only if you have a good overview of all the goods available, packing and shipping will be easy later on. If you build up a good warehouse, you can make sure that stock material can always be reordered in time. Whether you want to build up a small or a large warehouse, we have the right accessories to make it easier for you, from simple tools to the standard materials you need in any case. Check your current stock needs and trust in Verpacking's offer and products. We will help you to ensure smooth operations and more structure and storage space in your warehouse, all products properly structured, secured and organized. But also in case you are planning a move or have to send bulky furniture, our range of products is excellently equipped. With us you find beside removal and camp need also appropriate building market goods for your enterprise.

Warning- and parcel-tape

If you are shipping fragile products, such as glasses or products with fragile glass screens, it is important that these products are handled with care during shipping. After all, it hardly matters how well and carefully the packaging is padded and how protective the product is packed. If the shipping company handles the carton roughly, something can still break. In order to remedy this, there are special warning tapes that can be attached to the outside of the carton. Regarding their material, these hardly differ from conventional package adhesive tape. The difference manifests itself mainly in the visual appearance. The warning tape is designed in the signal colour red and also contains a clearly legible black warning note "Caution Glass". This tape not only warns the transport service providers to take special care, but also points out to the recipient and shows you what content to expect. In addition to warning adhesive tape and packing tape, you will also find painter's crepe tape as well as cushioning film and stretch film in our range.

Hand dispenser

If you use packing materials, the use of a hand dispenser can make handling much easier. Efficiency is often the magic word in the mail order business. Crates, cartons and boxes need to be closed and dispatched as quickly as possible. Anyone who has ever tried out how laborious it is to unwind and cut the parcel tape for each carton before sealing the carton knows how much time is lost. With hand unwinders you avoid this loss of time. The practical devices allow you to cut the tape in the ideal length without the need for any further handling. The dispensers are ergonomically shaped and designed to be perfect for daily use. Handling is also absolutely safe, as the processed knife is well protected and does not present any risk of injury. If you have an interest in applying adhesive tape cleanly and above all precisely, without a lot of waste or loss of time, then hand dispensers are the ideal solution.

Other products

If you have a lot to do with adhesive tape and foil, you will also need the appropriate tools on a regular basis. In our assortment you will find for example cutter knives as well as spare blades, which prove to be very useful in the application. Besides these knives we also offer accompanying paper bags, clipboards and even air cushion machines. Have a look around our shop and find the accessories you need.
Now you are in demand to optimize your own processes accordingly and to make them easier and more efficient. Although the right products already help massively and offer you a functional solution approach, the implementation is still up to the people themselves. From planning to the organisation of your daily business, you will be supported by high-quality products for the parcel and mail order business, warehousing and office supplies.

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