Hermes Packagel size XXL
  • Shipping carton 1 corrugated, C corrugated
  • inner dimensions: 1192 x 592 x 584 mm
  • outer dimensions: 1200 x 600 x 600 mm
  • individual height adjustment by grooves (height grooves at 200, 400 mm)
  • Fefco type: 0201, color: brown
  • corresponds to the max. parcel size of DHL
  • max. per parcel: 8
Bulk Prices:
From 1 pcs :€9.71*
From 2 pcs :€8.36*
From 3 pcs :€7.60*
From 5 pcs :€6.76*
From 10 pcs :€6.27*
From €6.27 pcs
From 10 pcs  
Total: 1 x €9.71 = €9.71*

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  • Shipping carton 2 corrugated, EB corrugated
  • inner dimensions: 1192 x 592 x 584 mm
  • outer dimensions: 1200 x 600 x 600 mm
  • individual height adjustment by grooves (height grooves at 200, 400 mm)
  • Fefco type: 0201, color: brown
  • corresponds to the max. parcel size of DHL
  • max. per parcel: 8
Bulk Prices:
From 1 pcs :€10.61*
From 2 pcs :€9.26*
From 3 pcs :€8.74*
From 5 pcs :€7.86*
From 10 pcs :€7.05*
From €7.05 pcs
From 10 pcs  
Total: 1 x €10.61 = €10.61*

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  • Shipping carton 2-wall, BC corrugated
  • inside dimensions: 1186 x 586 x 575 mm
  • outer dimensions: 1200 x 600 x 600 mm
  • individual height adjustment by grooves (height grooves at 200, 400 mm)
  • Fefco type: 0201, color: brown
  • corresponds to the max. parcel size of DHL
  • max. per parcel: 5
  • max. per pallet: 90
  • no express service, no self pickup
Bulk Prices:
From 1 pcs :€12.75*
From 2 pcs :€11.42*
From 3 pcs :€10.54*
From 5 pcs :€9.82*
From 10 pcs :€8.57*
From €8.57 pcs
From 10 pcs  
Total: 1 x €12.75 = €12.75*

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Buy Hermes XXL parcel as large and stable shipping package for a small price.

Hermes is one of the largest transport service providers in Germany. The transport service provider has defined different parcel classes for parcel delivery. For large shipments, the L parcel, XL parcel or XXL parcel can be used. The Hermes XXL parcel is suitable for particularly large and bulky shipping goods up to 31.5 KG. The longest and shortest sides of the box together may not exceed 200 cm. The Hermes XXL parcel is picked up by a Hermes courier at the front door and delivered to the desired front door. The postage costs start at 33,95 € in the MyHermes online store. The tracking and liability for damage to shipping goods up to 500 € are included in the shipping price. You can buy a Hermes XXL parcel at your nearest parcel store or conveniently online at The packaging specialist offers boxes especially for Hermes shipping at low prices, in excellent quality.

When is a large cardboard box a Hermes carton XXL?

Finding the right packaging can be quite a challenge, especially when shipping bulky or large items. If you want to ship bulky items, the Hermes XXL package is a convenient and affordable shipping option. Hermes-Germany's largest parcel class requires a large folding box that meets the shipping service provider's requirements. Very popular are double-wall and triple-wall FEFCO cartons made of corrugated board in the XXL packaging class. This carton size is also very common in online trade. Hermes XXL shipping cartons are characterized mainly by their dimensions as such. The longest and shortest sides of the carton together may not exceed 200 cm. This specification results in various box dimensions, for example the popular Hermes XXL dimension 120 x 60 x60. How much you pay for shipping ultimately depends on the box size.

With the XXL shipping boxes you use the maximum allowed volume of the shipping classes. If your shipment is malleable goods or general cargo, you can use this shipping method to send the maximum amount. Heavy shipments and oversized loads usually have a high weight and therefore require a stable packaging that protects the shipment. The Hermes Paket XXL consists of thick walls made of solid material, and the quality of workmanship is correspondingly higher. It is crucial that such boxes withstand higher loads. Even moisture, dirt and shocks can not harm these cardboard boxes.

Hermes shipping: weight, dimensions and costs

The maximum weight of a Hermes XXL box for shipping is 31.5 KG. The XL and XXL parcel classes allow for the largest shipping weight at Hermes. For the smaller S parcel, M parcel and L parcel, a weight limit of 25 KG applies. The bulky goods surcharge is already included in the Hermes XXL parcel costs of 33.95 €. To send the XXL parcel Hermes compliant, it is important to choose a sturdy box with the right dimensions. The shortest and longest side of the shipping box together must not exceed 200 cm. The double-wall folding carton measuring 120 x 60 x 60 cm is a frequently used carton for bulky goods shipping.  The type of carton does not matter for the shipping service provider. For the parcel service, everything revolves around the size. However, it is important to transport the goods safely. Therefore, details such as closure type and material are important.

Tip: Choose the most compact box that fits your goods perfectly. This way you not only save transport costs, but also filling material.

Packaging class XXL: Cardboard boxes for low-cost bulky goods shipping

Our Hermes boxes are particularly suitable for transporting heavy and medium loads. This includes, for example, furniture or textiles and consumables in large quantities. Thanks to the practical format, square, cubic or flat products can also be shipped without any problems. Protect your goods with additional filling material, in addition to the classic bubble wrap you can also find BIO packaging chips based on corn and potato starch, these products as well as our Hermes boxes can be purchased in our online store.

The shipping service calculates the Hermes XXL parcel price based on the size of the box by adding the shortest side and the longest side. For this you need the right boxes that minimize the postage and provide enough space for your products. Here you will find a wide selection of Hermes optimized boxes to reduce shipping costs.

Order suitable shipping packaging for large goods

Few things are more annoying than when goods arrive at the addressee in poor condition. Deficiencies caused by shipping can also have a negative impact on the reputation of the mail order company. By using high quality XXL cartons, you avoid these and similar consequences. Our XXL boxes meet the high requirements of Hermes. Thanks to careful processing and the use of proven materials, Hermes cardboard boxes from can withstand even the most difficult transports without any problems.

Convince yourself of our secure Hermes boxes to benefit from high quality at a small package price. The large cardboard boxes are also easy to store, as they can be folded easily. Due to the uncomplicated structure, you still maintain efficient workflows. RAPIDPACK GmbH also focuses on durable material, because packages are not always transported carefully and cleanly. Therefore, it is important that a Hermes shipping box is made of durable cardboard that can withstand sudden dirt, moisture or shocks. Our versatile cardboard boxes meet these criteria.

Thanks to the wide range of formats, Hermes boxes can also be used in a variety of ways. You can use them to ship bulky goods or simply use the boxes for short- and long-term storage of various products. Hermes determines the package cost by the box size. That means: Starting from the given edge length, width and height of the box you add the shortest and the longest side. The result in centimeters shows to which packaging class the service provider assigns the respective shipment. If the Hermes XXL parcel exceeds the permitted weight, a bulky goods surcharge must also be paid. For the XXL parcel (including collection) Hermes Germany currently uses the packaging dimensions up to 200 cm, maximum third side 50 cm. At the same time, it is also necessary to take into account the following characteristics:

- Parcels must not weigh more than 31.5 kg.

- XL parcels and XXL parcels can not be delivered to a parcel store.

- Collection at the doorstep and tracking are included

- Liability for parcels up to 500 euros.

International shipments can only be sent with home delivery and must be delivered to the Hermes ParcelShop yourself. For international shipments, it should also be noted that the countries of destination are divided into different zones. The further away the country is, the more expensive the delivery will be. For example, shipping an XXL parcel to Belgium in European Zone I costs 43.90 euros and to Greece in European Zone V costs 73.90 euros. Customers benefit from the high-quality XXL Hermes boxes from, as they offer reliable delivery thanks to superior quality.

Cardboard boxes in the appropriate Hermes format are ideal for secure shipping.

Depending on the purpose, here in the online store you can find single wall folding boxes for light and voluminous items or double wall shipping boxes for heavier loads. Besides, as we all know, transportation costs are determined not only by the weight but also by the size of the boxes. Care should be taken to ensure that the dimensions of the packaging are as small as possible in relation to the product. A few centimeters and even a few grams can sometimes significantly change the postage or shipping costs. So plan ahead and take advantage of our box and carton offers.

As specialists in shipping and packaging materials, we have all of our shipping routes, storage options, and assortment ready to accommodate all of our customers' options. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know how much the shipper depends on high-quality packaging material that is always available and, above all, variable and time-saving. Nothing is more annoying than having to improvise at the crucial moment of an order. So that this doesn't happen to you, you will also find suitable boxes in the appropriate Hermes formats.

As a private customer you profit from our extensive offer. You want to organize a move, are looking forward to a new place in your life and now you have to prepare your belongings for shipping? Our Hermes boxes in XXL size are perfect for this. Easy to pack and stack. After all, some personal items require large moving boxes due to their weight.

How to use the XXL cardboard boxes?

XXL Hermes cartons are particularly suitable if you want to ship larger items such as furniture or car parts more cheaply. As the volume increases, so do the carton requirements: Hermes large shipping boxes are therefore particularly strong and stable. In our store you will find, among other things, double-wall models with upper and lower flaps next to each other. In this way, even greater protection against damage and shocks is achieved. If possible, decide on the options for the size of the boxes in which your goods will be filled. Too much air in the box increases the risk of damage, as it cannot withstand external loads.

Parcel class-XXL is the largest we offer in our range. Hermes boxes of parcel class-XXL allow customers to send more than just bulky shipments. You can also reuse Hermes boxes with these dimensions for your next move. With the size-XXL you can be sure that a lot of things fit in there.

You can also use Hermes boxes of parcel class XXL for household cleaning. For example, you can store collected items in this box. Thus, you can save the purchase of many smaller boxes. In most cases, one or two Hermes boxes of this class are enough to collect all your old stuff. A Hermes XXL box is moisture resistant and durable, so it can be stored in the basement. Our Hermes parcel boxes are high quality, sturdy and robust. Even dirt, moisture, dust and other external influences can do little harm to these boxes. In this respect you decide with our Hermes boxes for real quality products.

Procedure of a Hermes shipment

Hermes Germany enables fast and secure shipping. The shipping service provider provides a modern logistics network, the automated processes allow for rapid processing. Parcels are exposed to various transport stresses during shipping, e.g., pressure, weather, cold, heat, drop, vibration and impact. Therefore, proper shipping packaging is especially important to ensure the desired protection of the goods.

The options for shipping are versatile at Hermes-Germany and range from online franking to pick-up and extra services for bulky goods. To begin with, it is necessary to choose the parcel class and fill out the parcel slip. Then the parcel label is created and the delivery address is specified. This is also possible online with MyHermes. The finished shipping package can be picked up at the Hermes Paket XXL only from home. For this you can request the pickup online.  If you want to check the shipping costs, you can use a shipping calculator on the Hermes website and find out the exact amount.

The cheapest shipping method is delivery to the Hermes ParcelShop. After that, the recipient of your package will receive a notification about the selected delivery location and can pick up the shipment at the ParcelShop. In addition to this delivery method, there is also the classic door-to-door delivery to the front door, where your parcels are delivered to the front door of the recipient. It should be noted that online franking is always cheaper than paying for the parcel slip in the ParcelShop.

After the Hermes Paket XXL has been picked up from your doorstep, it will be processed at the parcel center. For business customers, processing sometimes also takes place at a bulk acceptance point. You can recognize the type of processing by an additional sticker with a barcode. At the parcel center, the parcel shipments are sorted and assigned to the destination by the specified postal code. The parcel is then shipped to its destination within two working days. Delivery takes place Monday to Saturday between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. and amounts to three delivery attempts. These take place on consecutive business days, so that the shipment arrives safely at its destination. It is possible to track the shipment online and view the delivery status so as not to miss the delivery.

What is the best way to pack an XXL Hermes box?

It is important to pack the XXL package Hermes compliant to avoid damage to the goods. Boxes in the size class-XXL are particularly large and can present challenges to shippers. To avoid problems with packing, always start with the heaviest items first if you want to place different items in the Hermes Box XXL. This way you can distribute the weight evenly. This also makes it easier to carry the box. For example, if you fill a box with clothes and books, start with books. You should make sure that the packages are not too heavy. The maximum weight for XXL shipping is 31.5 KG. If the longest and shortest sides of the shipping box do not exceed 200 cm, the XXL package is Hermes compliant. In addition, you can close the resulting cavities with a suitable filling material from our online store. If you store several different items in the Hermes box XXL, you can clearly separate them with our corrugated cardboard cuts. This way you have a better overview and can find the items faster at a later time. In addition, the goods are additionally padded and protected.

You need filling material and corrugated cardboard blanks, especially if you use the Hermes box XXL for your online trade. It is important here that the goods are neatly separated and the cavities are well sealed. This is the only way to prevent damage and movement of the goods.

When you have found the right size among the Hermes boxes and packed your items in the Hermes box XXL, only one thing is missing: adhesive tape. This closes your XXL shipping box securely for shipping. As with the folding boxes, make sure that the tape is of good quality to avoid any nasty surprises! This way, nothing stands in the way of convenient and fast shipping without returns and shipping complications.

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