Hand Dispensers
  • Space-saving packing tape hand dispenser
  • Modern and ergonomic design
  • serrated cutter blade at optimum angle
  • easy handling due to anti-slip handle
  • Suitable for rolls with a length of 50 to 66m
  • Colour: blue
  • max. per parcel: 150
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  • Packing tape dispenser, unloaded
  • for packing tape up to 50 mm x 132 m
  • noise reduced during unrolling
  • Color: black/grey or red/black
  • max. per parcel: 60
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From 3 pcs :€17.94*
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From 12 pcs :€17.30*
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  • low-noise hand dispenser
  • for adhesive tape rolls up to 50 mm width
  • for winding core 75mm
  • adjustable roll brake
  • replaceable knife
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  • Herlitz packing tape dispenser / hand dispenser grey/blue
  • for large rolls up to 66m x 50mm
  • with pressure tab and roll brake
  • for large rolls with inner core size 7,6cm, standard 3" dispenser
  • Material: plastic, polystyrene, PS/with metal components
  • Type and contents of packaging: Box with 1 piece
  • max. per parcel: 60
Total: 1 x €11.20 = €11.20*

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  • Dispenser with 2x packing tape 66 m x 50 mm chamois
  • Carrier material: PVC
  • Finish: self-adhesive, adhesive solvent-free
  • Unwinding noise: low noise
  • max. per parcel: 35
Total: 1 x €21.84 = €21.84*

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  • 6x Scotch packing tape with dispenser 195-6-EF
  • high adhesive strength, unwinding behavior: quiet unwinding
  • dimensions: 48 mm x 20,3 m, color: crystal clear
  • tear-resistant polypropylene film
  • made of 45% bio-based material
  • max. per parcel: 40
Bulk Prices:
From 1 pcs :€23.30*€0.19* / 1 m
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From 10 pcs :€20.16*€0.17* / 1 m
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Content: 121.8 (€0.17 / 1 m)
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  • 1 roll adhesive tape with hand dispenser
  • Type: Classic
  • Dimensions: 50 mm x 20 m
  • Colour: Brown
  • Total thickness: 75µm
  • for sealing light packages
  • solvent-free adhesive
  • max. per parcel: 180
Bulk Prices:
From 1 pcs :€7.18*€0.36* / 1 m
From 3 pcs :€5.94*€0.30* / 1 m
From 5 pcs :€5.69*€0.28* / 1 m
From 10 pcs :€5.41*€0.27* / 1 m
From 30 pcs :€5.24*€0.26* / 1 m
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Content: 20 (€0.26 / 1 m)
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Professional tape dispenser - for more efficient work at home and in the office.

Adhesive tape can be used for many other things besides packaging and repairs. In order to be able to work even faster, less stressfully and more safely, there are professional tape dispensers. These are used to hold and easily remove the adhesive tape. There are different tape dispensers that differ in design, usability and, of course, brand. The best-known manufacturers include Tesa, Herlitz and Scotch. In addition to the abroller, buy adhesive tape cheap in a set.

Which adhesive tape dispenser product variations are available?

You can choose between hand dispensers, table dispensers and tape machines. Each type of tape dispenser comes with advantages and disadvantages and is suitable for different purposes and areas. In our shop you can choose between large and small tape dispensers.

mini hand dispenser

The mini hand dispensers are also available in different designs, for example ergonomic, with a foam handle or with a serrated edge. Some hand dispensers are also particularly quiet, making them ideal for use in the office. The width of these dispensers is between 50 mm and 100 mm.

Table dispensers

The best-known brand of table dispensers is Tesa, but there are other companies that produce these dispensers. In addition to the standard models, there are also table dispensers that can be fixed to the table and dispensers that are especially suitable for label protection film and wet adhesive tape.

Adhesive tape machines

Tape dispensers are available in manual, electronic, semi-automatic and fully automatic models. These tape dispensers also come with different features and functions. The adhesive tape machines can also be used for wet adhesive tapes, paper adhesive tapes as well as PVC and PP adhesive tapes. You can even find the right dispenser for particularly wide adhesive tapes.

What are the advantages of a tape dispenser?

Whether at home, in the office, in shipping or in the warehouse - adhesive tape is needed in many different situations. It is not only used for sealing packages and boxes, but also for securing goods. With a tape roller, the tape can be inserted, secured and conveniently unrolled. The tape can also be cut off easily and quickly afterwards. Most tape dispensers also work quietly and are therefore the ideal tool for the office. The more handy models can also be operated with one hand. In other industries, it may be more appropriate to choose a fixed-mount device. Another advantage is the safety blades that are integrated in some tape dispensers. This means that the blades of the tape dispenser are covered and cannot come into contact with your hand.

What materials are industrial tape dispensers made of?

Generally speaking, most professional tape dispensers are made of metal and plastic. Plastic has the advantage that it is a comparatively light material, so that the small tape dispenser weighs correspondingly little. This is especially ideal for the handy models, as they are so easy to hold and thus do not become too heavy even after several hours. Metal, on the other hand, is particularly robust and durable. Adhesive dispensers made of this material are particularly suitable if they are to be firmly mounted on the table. Of course, the material also affects the price. The blades are always made of metal. However, there can also be differences in quality. It is therefore recommended that you look at the price-performance ratio and not just the price when buying.

The most important additional functions of adhesive rolls in connection with unwinding

Since the individual models also differ in terms of additional functions, you can buy adhesive tape dispensers in different versions.

Foam handle

Some models have a foam handle. This ensures that the tape dispenser is not only easier to grip and hold, but even more comfortable. These industrial tape dispensers generally consist of a very high-quality and durable handle with additional foam around it. This material is not only comfortable to hold, but also non-slip and thus offers additional safety. Foam also compensates for temperatures. In this way, the tape dispenser can also be used comfortably in summer and thus at high temperatures without the hands sweating quickly. At lower temperatures, on the other hand, the material provides insulation. This means that the handle does not get too cold.

Knife guard

The simple models have fixed knives. These adhesive rolls are perfectly adequate for small adhesive jobs. However, if you want to use the tape dispenser or the tape daily, versatile and above all often, then an additional blade guard could be of use to you. These models have a special safety device. Only when this is pressed, the knife extends and only then can the tape be cut. This minimises the risk of injury.

What should I look for when buying a tape dispenser?

If you are buying a tape dispenser, it is not only the model, the design or the price that you have to pay attention to. The width of the tape dispenser and thus the width of the adhesive tape also play a decisive role. Adhesive tapes come in different sizes, so of course they have to fit into the tape dispenser. In addition to the width, the length can also be decisive. For example, there are tapes that are 3m long. This of course makes them somewhat thicker and bulkier and they must therefore also fit into the tape roller. Then you should also pay attention to the respective product when buying. Many tapes can be used as industrial or private tape helpers. Some tape dispensers come in a set with additional accessories. Often you will even find a tape dispenser with a matching adhesive roll. This way you can start gluing or sealing immediately after purchase. In some cases, a set also offers you better value for money.

Furthermore, you should not disregard the safety precautions when choosing. It may sound superfluous to consider the safety of a professional tape dispenser. However, they use sharp metal knives that can cut you. For this reason, there are some dispensers that have additional safety features so that the blades only come out when needed. In this way, you cannot injure yourself, especially when transporting the dispenser. Another advantage in this regard would be an ergonomic and non-slip handle. This is especially recommended for the larger tape dispensers. An unwind brake also provides further protection during use. If you want to have as much peace and quiet as possible when using the roll, then you can go for models with the so-called silent function. They make very little noise when rolling, which is ideal for use at the workplace.

Finally, of course, you should also pay attention to the quality. The market offers so many different models of tape dispensers that there are unfortunately also some, often in the lower price range, that do not perform well in a test. For example, these tape dispensers are not really robust and do not have a good stand. Sometimes the roll inside also wobbles. Then there are models that simply do not have a long lifespan because they are made of a very low-quality plastic, for example. As far as quality is concerned, you can also orientate yourself on well-known brands or manufacturers or take customer opinions from the internet into account when making your decision. In this respect, you can also decide purely on the material. As already mentioned above, these adhesive dispensers are available in metal and plastic. Metal is a durable and robust material, but it is heavier. Plastic, on the other hand, is somewhat lighter, but therefore also more susceptible to breakage. As a result, this material automatically has a shorter lifespan. You have to weigh up what is most important to you, for example, how long the model will last or whether it should cost as little as possible and make compromises in this respect.

Tape dispenser - FAQ

In the following sections you will find an overview of the most important questions regarding tape dispensers.

What are tape dispensers suitable for?

In principle, these tape dispensers are only used for fastening and holding adhesive tapes and for easy handling. However, due to the special design of some tape dispensers, they can facilitate various tasks. Especially when a large number of boxes need to be taped, a tape dispenser can be used to perform professional tasks more quickly and effectively. In addition, it is possible to use it to bundle and thus fasten different things. Many pipes, for example, must first be fastened together before they can be shipped, and a tape dispenser is the ideal device for precisely this purpose. But it can also be used to press different objects onto others. Working with such a tape dispenser is therefore efficient and less time-consuming.

How small or large is a tape dispenser?

There are different models on the market, which also differ greatly in size. This is important because the tapes also come in different sizes. Furthermore, there are models that can be placed on tables or even attached, but can also be held in the hand. Smaller models are therefore more handy and are well suited for taking along on the go.

How does a tape dispenser work?

Tape rollers are very easy to use. First of all, it is important to insert the correct tape into the tape dispenser. Then the operation depends on the model. With some, a tape is simply removed. The other, handy models, on the other hand, are simply placed on a specific area, for example on a cardboard box. Then you simply glide over the area and at the end the tape tears automatically. This means you don't have to search for the beginning of the tape, nor do you have to remove a piece each time and tape everything up yourself. In any case, it is always advisable to study the operating instructions, as the exact usability can vary greatly depending on the model.

Are tape dispensers suitable for double-sided tape?

Double-sided adhesive tape is used in various areas, for example in the assembly and laying of floors. The advantage of this type of tape is that it sticks on both sides, so that different things can be attached. There is also a suitable adhesive tape roller on the market for this special type of adhesive tape. However, you should note that these models are not available from every manufacturer. With double-sided adhesive tape, it is also advisable to use a handy tape dispenser. This makes it easy to apply the tape without having to hold it in your hand.

How much do high-quality tape dispensers cost?

Since the price depends on the type, size and brand of the tape dispenser, it is not possible to make a definite statement. However, as with many other utensils, it is always advisable to pay attention to the price-performance ratio and not just focus on the price or the functions and the manufacturer. Of course, larger and more extensively equipped adhesive tape rollers are in the higher price segment. However, depending on the intended use, the investment can be worthwhile. Sometimes there can also be a quantity discount on the internet. Adhesive tapes in particular are also sold in extensive sets, which can also save you money.

Where can I buy adhesive tapes?

You should be able to buy tape dispensers in DIY shops or specialist shops that also sell tape. However, it also depends on what kind of tape dispenser you want to buy. You can even find the simple models from which you separate a strip of tape in supermarkets or at the post office, for example. Then the internet is a good place to look for small tape dispensers of all kinds. Online you also have the opportunity to make a comprehensive product and price comparison.

How long do metal tape dispensers last?

The lifespan of adhesive tape dispensers naturally depends on the quality on the one hand and on the frequency of use and handling on the other. In general, an adhesive tape dispenser can last several years, especially if the model is made of metal. But even plastic tape dispensers never need to be replaced if they are not damaged. Over time, however, they may show signs of wear. For example, the blades become blunt or the entire housing loosens. Usually, however, this should only happen after several months or even years, provided the tape dispenser is treated with care.

Should tape dispensers be bought in a set?

A set can bring advantages, but also disadvantages. Generally, the set contains not only the tape dispenser but also other accessories, such as an adhesive roll. This means that you get better value for money and do not necessarily have to buy the right adhesive roll for the corresponding tape dispenser or vice versa. Despite the better price/performance ratio, these sets naturally cost more due to the contents. Sometimes it might be better to buy the individual components separately.

How many tape dispensers are needed?

If several employees are responsible for taping boxes or other things together, each of them must of course have at least one mini tape dispenser and an additional one in case there are problems with the other one. It can also be advantageous to purchase different models so that the tape dispenser can be used flexibly depending on the situation. If different adhesive tapes are used, it would be advisable to have a separate tape dispenser for each tape so that the tapes do not have to be replaced in the meantime. A constant change of tapes would be counterproductive, especially for efficient work.

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