Document Enclosed Bags
  • Self-adhesive back
  • Dimensions: DIN long
  • Inside dimensions: 225 x 110 mm
  • colour: red
  • multilingual imprint
  • with window for address field
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  • Back: Self-adhesive
  • Inner dimensions: 225 x 110 mm
  • Colour: Transparent
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From 960 pu   (1 Packing unit = 100 pcs. )
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Delivery note pouches - reliably securing important documents

If you are an online retailer or shipping service provider and need to send important documents such as invoices, you have various options for doing so. We recommend that you send your invoices & co in accompanying paper pouches in style. If you are concerned about appearing sophisticated and standing for quality with your brand, you should therefore prefer this good alternative to the classic enclosure of your delivery notes inside the box. With delivery note pouches from Verpacking you will make a coherent and elegant impression on your customers. Delivery note pouches, document pouches or goods accompanying paper pouches are an ideal solution to attach the papers separately and collected on the outside of the package. Online retailers with high shipping volumes and frequent shippers in particular benefit from good delivery note pouches. These shipping products ensure that your customers see the important papers at first glance and can check the receipt of goods immediately.

Delivery note pouches make shipping easier

At Verpacking, we are not only offering cardboard boxes and filling material in our range, but all packaging goods from which traders and service providers can benefit in everyday life. Of course, this also includes delivery note pouches. The logistics of any company is one of the most vulnerable areas. It is difficult to introduce automation here and monotonous and repetitive work causes frustration among employees. The result is mistakes. It can be very problematic for your company if employees forget to attach delivery notes or invoices to the dispatched goods. Delivery note pouches allow a final check without having to open the box. With a glance at the packed box and the conspicuous delivery note pouch, you can ensure that the customer receives all the necessary documents with his delivery. This makes things easier on the shop floor, minimises errors and helps you with final quality control.

Always make a good impression

To make a really good impression on the customer, various factors must be taken into account. Safety is particularly important in shipping, because the goods should arrive at the recipient without any damage in transit. However, cleanliness and tidiness follow right behind. This is not so easy in a box, especially if it contains papers or other printed products in addition to filling materials and products. At the very least, you should ensure that the most important documents are not lost within the shipment and are quickly visible. In the end, you will not only benefit from a better image. If the customer has to search for his invoice for a long time, the probability is high that he will pay it late. An obvious invoice that can be taken out immediately by the customer is usually also paid quicker. The delivery note pouch also keeps your delivery note and invoice safe and tidy. Carefully folded and placed in the pocket, you make a flawless impression after unpacking. The plastic nature also ensures that the papers can withstand all weather conditions or rough handling by shipping service providers undamaged. The shipping products also no longer pose a risk to your documents, for example through leakage.

Versatile applications for delivery note pouches

If the invoice or delivery note is lost, you as a company are under pressure and must provide the recipient with a replacement. To prevent the documents from getting lost in transit, it is an excellent solution to attach them directly to the shipping packaging with the help of a delivery note pouch. This not only provides protection from wind and weather, but also allows the recipient to easily remove them.

In our range you can discover a wide selection of inexpensive delivery note pouches and easily order your preferred design. In addition to the delivery note, you can also easily accommodate other papers in the useful pockets.

These include, for example:

  • invoices
  • shipping labels such as parcel labels
  • Customs documents
  • shipping documents
  • instructions or directions for use
  • Safety instructions

Place all kind documents inside the delivery note pouches if you want to secure them or give your customers quick and easy access.