Hermes Cartons
  • Folding Carton KK 26
  • Carton made of single wall corrugated cardboard
  • Inside dimensions: 250 x 200 x 140 mm
  • Outside dimensions: 255 x 205 x 150 mm
  • Designation: KK-26
  • Weight: 128g
  • Fefco Type: 0201
  • max. per parcel: 150
  • max. per pallet: 2100
Bulk Prices:
From 50 pc :€0.58*
From 100 pc :€0.48*
From 450 pc :€0.45*
From 900 pc :€0.43*
From 2100 pc :€0.38*
From €0.38 pc
From 2100 pc  
Min. : 50 pc step : 25 pc
Total: 50 x €0.58 = €29.00*

44239 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Automatic box
  • Inner dimensions: 160 x 130 x 70 mm
  • Outside dimensions: 165 x 135 x 75 mm
  • color: brown, Fefco 0703
  • design: self-adhesive lid
  • Quality: E-flute / 1-wall
  • max. per parcel: 400
  • max. per pallet: 6080
Bulk Prices:
From 20 pc :€0.52*
From 60 pc :€0.48*
From 120 pc :€0.43*
From 3000 pc :€0.26*
From 6080 pc :€0.21*
From €0.21 pc
From 6080 pc  
Min. : 20 pc step : 20 pc
Total: 20 x €0.52 = €10.40*

36840 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Shipping box / DIN A5
  • Designation: WP-30 Brown
  • Weight: 100g
  • Inner dimension: 250 x 150 x 100 mm
  • Outside dimension: 258 x 158 x 105 mm
  • Fefco type: 0426
  • max. per parcel: 250
  • max. per pallet: 2400
Bulk Prices:
From 50 pc :€0.53*
From 100 pc :€0.47*
From 500 pc :€0.42*
From 1000 pc :€0.38*
From 2400 pc :€0.36*
From €0.36 pc
From 2400 pc  
Min. : 50 pc step : 50 pc
Total: 50 x €0.53 = €26.50*

92539 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Cardboard box made of single-layer corrugated cardboard
  • Designation: KK-56
  • Inner dimensions: 325 x 295 x 280 mm
  • Outer dimensions: 330 x 300 x 290 mm
  • Weight: 259g, 1-wall
  • Fefco type: 0201
  • max. per package: 50
  • max. per pallet: 600
  • max. per parcel: 50
  • max. per pallet: 600
Bulk Prices:
From 25 pcs :€1.08*
From 50 pcs :€0.99*
From 100 pcs :€0.96*
From 300 pcs :€0.89*
From 600 pcs :€0.81*
From €0.81 pcs
From 600 pcs  
Min. : 25 pcs step : 25 pcs
Total: 25 x €1.08 = €27.00*

2719 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Foldable carton
  • Brown, single wall corrugated cardboard
  • Inside dimensions: 200 x 150 x 90 mm
  • Outside dimensions: 205 x 155 x 100 mm
  • Designation: KK-10
  • Weight: 68g
  • Fefco Type: 0201
  • max. per parcel: 300
  • max. per pallet: 3500
Bulk Prices:
From 50 pc :€0.39*
From 100 pc :€0.30*
From 300 pc :€0.25*
From 1200 pc :€0.24*
From 3500 pc :€0.22*
From €0.22 pc
From 3500 pc  
Min. : 50 pc step : 50 pc
Total: 50 x €0.39 = €19.50*

99618 on Stock, delivery time 2-4 days

  • Fixation packaging for wrapping with PE fixation foil
  • self-adhesive + tear thread
  • Inner dimension: 130 x 105 x 60 mm
  • Outer dimension: 150 x 136 x 65 mm
  • Weight: 34g
  • Color: brown
  • max. per parcel: 720
  • max. per pallet: 7200
  • no express service, no self pickup
Bulk Prices:
From 20 pcs :€2.47*
From 200 pcs :€1.31*
From 720 pcs :€1.08*
From 3600 pcs :€0.95*
From 7200 pcs :€0.86*
From €0.86 pcs
Min. : 20 pcs step : 20 pcs
Total: 20 x €2.47 = €49.40*

2284 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Hinged cardboard box
  • Inner dimensions: 540x380x160 mm
  • Outer dimensions: 545x38x172 mm
  • Colour: brown
  • Lid: self-adhesive
  • Cardboard: single wall, flute 1.20 B
  • max. per parcel: 40
  • max. per pallet: 280
  • no express service, no self pickup
Bulk Prices:
From 10 Pcs :€3.79*
From 20 Pcs :€2.91*
From 30 Pcs :€2.61*
From 280 Pcs :€2.54*
From 560 Pcs :€2.28*
From €2.28 Stck.
From 560 Stck.  
Min. : 10 Pcs step : 10 Pcs
Total: 10 x €3.79 = €37.90*

840 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • carton made from single wall corrugated cardboard
  • designation: KK-105
  • inner dimensions: 495 x 295 x 290 mm
  • outer dimensions: 500 x 300 x 300 mm
  • weight: 387g, single wall
  • Fefco type: 0201
  • max. per parcel: 50
  • max. per pallet: 650
Bulk Prices:
From 25 pcs :€1.69*
From 50 pcs :€1.53*
From 100 pcs :€1.47*
From 200 pcs :€1.36*
From 640 pcs :€1.27*
From €1.27 pcs
From 640 pcs  
Min. : 25 pcs step : 25 pcs
Total: 25 x €1.69 = €42.25*

3172 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Carton made from brown, single wall, corrugated cardboard
  • Inner dimensions: 300 x 215 x 140 mm
  • Outer dimensions: 305 x 220 x 150 mm
  • Designation: KK-30
  • Weight: 158g
  • Fefco standard: 0201
  • max. per parcel: 125
  • max. per pallet: 1750
Bulk Prices:
From 50 pc :€0.62*
From 100 pc :€0.54*
From 500 pc :€0.46*
From 750 pc :€0.44*
From 1750 pc :€0.42*
From €0.42 pc
From 1750 pc  
Min. : 50 pc step : 25 pc
Total: 50 x €0.62 = €31.00*

74865 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Folding carton KK 24
  • Carton made of single wall, brown, corrugated cardboard
  • Inside dimensions: 250 x 175 x 100 mm
  • Outside dimensions: 255 x 180 x 110 mm
  • Designation: KK-24
  • Weight: 98g
  • Fefco Type: 0201
  • max. per parcel: 200
  • max. per pallet: 2800
Bulk Prices:
From 50 pc :€0.50*
From 100 pc :€0.37*
From 400 pc :€0.33*
From 800 pc :€0.31*
From 2800 pc :€0.29*
From €0.29 pc
From 2800 pc  
Min. : 50 pc step : 25 pc
Total: 50 x €0.50 = €25.00*

79049 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

That's why you should order a Hermes cardboard box for an optimal shipping process.

The Hermes company is one of the most used parcel service providers in Germany. If you want to send your parcels with this, you should inform yourself in advance about the different postage classes. To create an optimal shipping process, it is helpful if your shipping boxes have appropriate dimensions to be sent via Hermes shipping. With us you can buy a large selection of Hermes boxes. For a better overview, we present you compactly how the shipping trade with the shipping company works.

You can buy Hermes boxes for shipping in 6 different parcel classes, from small packages to XXL parcels.

The carton size plays an important role and in order to understand what Hermes shipping cartons are all about, we must first take a look at the different parcel classes of the shipping service provider. In total, there are 6 categories in which you can buy your box

Parcel: The Päckchen represents the smallest parcel class. This includes all cartons and shipping boxes in which the longest and shortest sides together do not exceed 37 cm. It is particularly interesting that parcels weighing up to 25 kg may be shipped in this category. Thus, even for goods that are very small but heavy, there is no need to choose a higher parcel class.

S parcel: The S parcel is the next largest parcel class. The longest and shortest sides of the box in this category may not exceed a total length of 50 cm. The weight is also limited to 25 kg.

M parcel: Cartons and cardboard boxes whose longest and shortest sides together total a maximum of 80 cm fall into the M parcel class. These shipments may also not exceed a weight of 25 kg.

L parcel: In the case of an L parcel, the longest and shortest sides added together may be up to 120 cm long. A weight limit of 25 kg also applies to cartons and cardboard boxes in this parcel class.

XL parcel: Shipments heavier than 25 kg automatically fall into the XL parcel class. However, they must not exceed a weight of 31.5 kg. The longest and shortest sides together can be no more than 150 cm long for cartons and cardboard boxes to be sent as XL parcels.

XXL parcel: For cartons and cardboard boxes of particularly large dimensions, the parcel class XXL parcel is intended. The longest and shortest sides may be up to 200 cm long when added together, and the weight is limited to 31.5 kg, as with the XL parcel.

On you can find many formats, no matter if in size S, M, L, XL, or XXL, with us you will always find the right shipping box for your requirements.

In contrast to other providers, the package dimensions are freely selectable at the Hermes Group, since the package class results from the sum of the longest and shortest side (and the weight). This leaves a lot of room for the right shipping box and gives you the possibility to order different boxes. A special Hermes shipping box makes optimal use of the sum of the longest and shortest side to offer as much packaging space as possible in the respective parcel class. Especially for unconventional shipping boxes, you should therefore choose Hermes as your service provider for a shipping box.

For example, boxes with a square base of 25 cm and a height of 20 cm are suitable for an S-size parcel, but rectangular cardboard boxes with a base of 36 x 21 cm, which are very large but only have a low height of 10 cm, belong in this parcel class.

In addition to choosing the right size, it is also important to choose the right material for your cardboard box. Cartons are usually made of corrugated cardboard, which is available in single and double wall quality. Heavy or sharp objects should rather be shipped in a box made of double wall corrugated board, as these are more stable and puncture-proof.

In addition, different types of cartons offer different advantages and can make packaging much easier, depending on the intended use. FEFCO 0201 folding cartons are usually the least expensive, but both the bottom and lid surfaces must be sealed with tape to provide such a carton with sufficient stability. Slip lid cartons are quite easy to snap together after filling, simplifying the packing process, but they tend to be available in smaller sizes. If you want to order something more convenient, you can take cardboard boxes with self-adhesive seal, because these offer extra convenience when closing, as no tape is necessary. Depending on the design, there may even be a self-adhesive strip for possible customer returns. However, you usually have to pay more for these cartons than for a folding carton according to FEFCO 0201.

If you want to buy a suitable packaging to send your items with a Hermes shipping box, you should therefore consider beforehand exactly what requirements you place on the box, so that you can achieve the best value for money for you.

The Hermes shipping service provides you with these options for shipping

If you have chosen Hermes to ship your box, you have several options available to you available to you

You can conveniently drop off your cardboard box at a parcel store, of which, by the way, there are 16,000.

With over 16,000 Hermes parcel stores throughout Germany, this option is a convenient way to hand over your parcel personally to an employee. For this, it is necessary that the box is provided with a Hermes parcel label. You can fill out the parcel label by hand in the parcel store. It is more convenient to create it online from home. If the shipment is urgent, you can buy boxes in the parcel store.

On the myhermes website you will find a subpage that allows you to enter your personal data. First you have to select the destination country, then the parcel class. If you are unsure, you can enter the dimensions of your box, the integrated tool will then directly determine the appropriate parcel class. After the recipient and sender addresses have been entered, you still have to click on the desired payment method. You can choose between cash payment at the parcel store, payment via PayPal or by credit card.

Directly afterwards, you will receive your parcel label as a QR code for downloading in a PDF file and also optionally as an e-mail attachment. With this document, which can also be located exclusively on your smartphone, you now go to a Hermes parcel store near you. The employee there will scan your QR code and print out the parcel label for you on the spot. If you prefer to print out the parcel label yourself, make sure that you do not select "Mobile parcel label" on, but "Online parcel label" to order your parcel label there.

Use the online franking and have your parcels picked up from home.

If you don't have time to take your Hermes box to a parcel store, you can also arrange to have your parcels picked up at your home. To do this, you need to make an online franking and then print the parcel slip created in the process. After that, you can select the desired day on which you will be safely available. The parcel carrier will ring your doorbell on the agreed date and receive your parcel in person. The costs for a parcel pick-up must always be paid in cash to the parcel carrier. For XL and XXL parcels, the Hermes Group only offers home pickup. Alternatively, the collection can also be ordered by telephone. Simply put: buy the box and let Hermes do the rest.

With Hermes shipping, in addition to tracking and transport insurance, you enjoy other interesting advantages

The Hermes group offers senders some interesting advantages, which is why it should be considered for sending parcels.

Tracking is included at no extra charge for all parcel classes. This service is interesting for both the sender and the recipient, as both are informed about the current whereabouts of the parcels. The recipient can also see when his delivery will be delivered and, if necessary, organize to be at home at that time. Experience has shown that customers really appreciate being given the option of tracking.

It is particularly annoying for customers when goods arrive damaged. In this case, the shipping service provider assumes liability if certain criteria are met. In the case of parcels in sizes S to XXL, goods up to a value of €500 are insured, while the small parcel includes liability for items up to €50. No surcharge has to be paid for this service.

In contrast to other shipping service providers, the Hermes shipping service has the lowest exclusion criteria for liability. Nevertheless, you are not liable for damage to the goods, for example, if the packaging was inadequate. Certain package contents are also generally excluded from liability, including perishable goods, live animals or illegal items.

Additional transport insurance cannot be taken out for Hermes shipping boxes. If goods with a higher value are shipped, the corresponding transport insurance must be taken out externally.

If you have ordered something, you usually want to receive the contents as soon as possible. With Hermes shipping boxes, your shipment is guaranteed to arrive within one to two business days, so the customer does not have to wait longer than necessary for their package.

These additional services are offered by the Hermes shipping service provider for bulky goods and for tire shipping.

There are a few things to consider when you're shopping for a Hermes box. If parcels are not cuboid or individual parts protrude from the packaging, the additional service bulky goods must be booked. A one-time fee of €19.95 will be charged for this service. Other additional services do not have to be booked separately, as they are usually already part of the respective parcel class (for example, liability, doorstep pickup).

There are particularly favorable conditions for shipping tires. In a cardboard box of the size M finds a tire place and can be dispatched already starting from 5,95€. Two tires fit in a cardboard box of size L and can be sent from 10.95 €. One must pay particular attention to select the box Hermes and the corresponding dimensions, otherwise the bulky goods surcharge will be due.

A contribution to the environment - climate-neutral shipping thanks to offsets

Buying a shipping box can also have a positive impact on the environment. At you can see that the group is keen to keep its CO2 footprint as small as possible. For this reason, offsetting takes place for the emissions caused by the delivery. The company's partner atmosfair focuses on developing and supporting renewable energy projects in developing countries. Current examples include efficient stoves in Rwanda, which are heavily subsidized by atmosfair, small-scale biogas plants in Nepal for CO2-reduced energy supply, and water treatment plants in Burkina Faso to provide clean drinking water. So your shipping is effectively carbon neutral.

In addition, the shipping service provider is increasingly investing in electric vehicles in major cities in order to actively save emissions itself. By investing in new modern logistics locations and modernizing existing buildings, the company is further increasing its sustainability. So you have low prices and a clear conscience.

Where and how will my parcel be picked up and what postage costs do I have to pay for Hermes cardboard boxes?

Whether it's large cardboard boxes or smaller shipping boxes Hermes has all the information you need to find a cardboard box that fits your requirement. Depending on which option you choose, you will incur different postage costs. We show the prices at a glance.

Setting prices for a Hermes box is relatively easy. If the shipment is not delivered to the recipient's front door, but is dropped off at a Hermes parcel store or a parcel station, the shipping is particularly cheap. Postage for a small parcel is then €3.70, an S parcel costs €4.40, an M parcel costs €5.40 and an L parcel costs €10.40. XL and XXL parcels cannot be delivered to parcel stores or parcel stations.

If delivery to the recipient's front door is desired, the postage is somewhat higher. In this category, savings can usually still be made if the parcel slip is paid for online. A parcel is charged €4.50 online and in the parcel store. A Hermes cardboard box in size L costs €10.95 (online) or €11.95 (parcel store). Larger parcels are only accepted at the sender's front door and thus fall into the next category.

There is the option to pick up the parcel from the sender as well as delivery to the recipient's front door. With this option, you just have to buy the shipping box Hermes do the rest and put your feet up comfortably as the package is transported from doorstep to doorstep. On the other hand, it is the only shipping option for XL and XXL parcels. Since a payment always has to be made in cash to the parcel carrier, the perks for online franking do not apply in this category. Pickup and delivery of an S parcel costs €9.95 in postage, the M parcel costs €10.95, and L parcels cost €15.95. An XL parcel costs €28.95 to send, and €33.95 in postage for an XXL parcel.

To get particularly cost-effective prices for your cardboard boxes, there are savings sets for all those who send shipping boxes frequently

For all those who send parcels particularly frequently, there are savings sets for Hermes cartons that can be used to further reduce the postage. Saving money is thus made very uncomplicated, you just need to know the appropriate carton prices when you want to order your carton. To do this, you just have to buy shipping boxes Hermes Sparsets use to get a certain amount of packing slips cheaper, and in the end be happy about the money saved. The following applies: The more parcel labels of a parcel class are purchased, the greater the savings.

A set of 10 for parcel class S costs €48.50, which corresponds to an individual price of €4.85 per parcel. Compared with individual bookings, this saves 10 cents per delivery. 50 Paketscheine can be purchased for €237.50, which already saves 20 cents per parcel. For 100 package coupons 470 € must be paid. This corresponds to a saving of 25 cents per delivery.

10 parcel labels in parcel class M are charged at €58.50. Compared to the single booking you save 10 cents per parcel. For 50 Paketscheine, €287.50 is due, which corresponds to a saving of 20 cents for each shipment. The most savings can be made with 100 parcel labels. They cost €570 and reduce the price per delivery by 25 cents.

In parcel class L, the savings are significantly higher again. 10 parcel labels cost €107.50, which is already 20 cents less per shipment. For 50 parcel labels vouchers, the price is €527.50, which corresponds to a discount of 40 cents for each delivery. Who buys equal 100 package coupons,pays for it 1050 €. This saves 45 cents per parcel.

So if you want to buy one Hermes shipping box, you should think about buying several at the same time to benefit from the savings.

myHermes Business for business customers with over 300 shipments per year

If you are active in online commerce and send a correspondingly large number of parcels per year, you can make big savings with the myHermes Business account for business customers. After entering the expected annual parcel volume and contact details, a detailed price calculation is generated. This takes effect from 300 parcels per year. Business customers enjoy parcel pick-up at home or at the company as standard.

Cost-effective solutions for international shipping as well

The Hermes Group also offers cost-effective solutions for international shipping. The price depends on the destination country. Europe Zone 1 includes Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. Postage costs range from €9.90 to €28.90.

Europe Zone 2 includes Denmark, Finland, France, Portugal, Sweden and Spain. Postage here costs between €11.25 and €28.90.

Europe Zone 3 includes Switzerland (€17.99 - €48.99), Europe Zone 4 includes Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (€22.25 - €29.90). For deliveries to Greece, Ireland, Malta or Cyprus the classification is in Europe Zone 5 (31,25 - 48,90 €).

If you want to offer cheap and reliable shipments even for international shipments you should buy Hermes shipping boxes.

Find a suitable cardboard box and packaging accessories for each of your products!

The Hermes Group is an interesting shipping service provider that gives senders a lot of leeway in choosing cartons in each parcel class. In addition, services such as shipment tracking or liability do not have to be booked individually, but are always included in all parcel classes. The postage pricing system offers a lot of savings potential and has the right model for every customer. With the right cardboard box, you can make the most of the shipping service provider's leeway and design your shipment very easily. With us you will find suitable shipping boxes and packaging accessories for each of your products to be shipped!

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