Shipping Carton
  • Letter-sized carton, maxi
  • Type: MB-3 brown
  • Weight: 54g
  • Inner dimensions: 230 x 155 x 41 mm
  • Outside dimensions: 240 x 160 x 45 mm / DIN A5
  • Fefco standard: 0426
  • max. per parcel: 500
  • max. per pallet: 6500
From 50 Pcs:€0.43*
From 100 Pcs:€0.30*
From 500 Pcs:€0.22*
From 3000 Pcs:€0.19*
From 6500 Pcs:€0.16*
From €0.16 Stk.
From 6500 Stk.  
Min.: 50 Pcs step: 50 Pcs
Summe: 50 x €0.43 = €21.50*

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  • Letter-sized carton, maxi
  • Type: MB-1 brown
  • Weight: 34g
  • Inner dimensions: 150 x 105 x 46 mm
  • Outside dimensions: 160 x 110 x 50 mm / DIN A6
  • Fefco standard: 0426
  • max. per parcel: 900
  • max. per pallet: 12000
From 50 Pcs:€0.39*
From 100 Pcs:€0.27*
From 900 Pcs:€0.19*
From 3600 Pcs:€0.17*
From 12000 Pcs:€0.13*
From €0.13 Stk.
From 12000 Stk.  
Min.: 50 Pcs step: 50 Pcs
Summe: 50 x €0.39 = €19.50*

131315 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Letter-sized carton, big
  • Type: GB-0 brown
  • Weight: 22g
  • Inner dimensions: 154 x 118 x 17 mm
  • Outside dimensions: 165 x 125 x 20 mm
  • Fefco standard: 0426
  • max. per parcel: 1400
  • max. per pallet: 19500
From 50 Pcs:€0.33*
From 100 Pcs:€0.24*
From 1400 Pcs:€0.16*
From 5600 Pcs:€0.14*
From 19500 Pcs:€0.12*
From €0.12 Stk.
From 19500 Stk.  
Min.: 50 Pcs step: 50 Pcs
Summe: 50 x €0.33 = €16.50*

98289 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Letter-sized carton, maxi
  • Type: MB-0 brown
  • Weight: 26g
  • Inner dimensions: 176 x 96 x 27 mm
  • Outside dimensions: 180 x 100 x 30 mm
  • Fefco standard: 0426
  • max. per parcel: 1000
  • max. per pallet: 14300
From 50 Pcs:€0.36*
From 100 Pcs:€0.24*
From 500 Pcs:€0.18*
From 3000 Pcs:€0.15*
From 14300 Pcs:€0.12*
From €0.12 Stk.
From 14300 Stk.  
Min.: 50 Pcs step: 50 Pcs
Summe: 50 x €0.36 = €18.00*

106964 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Letter-sized carton, maxi
  • Type: MB-2 white
  • Weight: 34g
  • Inner dimensions: 170 x 125 x 41 mm
  • Outside dimensions: 180 x 130 x 45 mm / DIN A6 B6
  • Fefco standard: 0426
  • max. per parcel: 800
  • max. per pallet: 10400
From 50 Pcs:€0.41*
From 100 Pcs:€0.29*
From 800 Pcs:€0.22*
From 4000 Pcs:€0.19*
From 10400 Pcs:€0.16*
From €0.16 Stk.
From 10400 Stk.  
Min.: 50 Pcs step: 50 Pcs
Summe: 50 x €0.41 = €20.50*

123008 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Letter-sized carton, big
  • Type: GB-1 brown
  • Weight: 38g
  • Inner dimensions: 220 x 155 x 17 mm
  • Outside dimensions: 230 x 160 x 20 mm / DIN A5
  • Fefco standard: 0427
  • max. per parcel: 700
  • max. per pallet: 11700
From 50 Pcs:€0.39*
From 100 Pcs:€0.29*
From 700 Pcs:€0.19*
From 2800 Pcs:€0.17*
From 11700 Pcs:€0.14*
From €0.14 Stk.
From 11700 Stk.  
Min.: 50 Pcs step: 50 Pcs
Summe: 50 x €0.39 = €19.50*

77064 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Book shipping box BV-1
  • Inside dimensions: 217 x 155 x 10-50 mm
  • Outside dimensions: 257 x 155 x 10-50 m
  • Weight: 59g
  • All-round edge protection
  • Color: brown
  • max. per parcel: 500
  • max. per pallet: 5100
From 25 Pcs:€0.75*
From 100 Pcs:€0.52*
From 500 Pcs:€0.41*
From 1500 Pcs:€0.35*
From 5100 Pcs:€0.29*
From €0.29 Stk.
From 5100 Stk.  
Min.: 25 Pcs step: 25 Pcs
Summe: 25 x €0.75 = €18.75*

72170 on Stock, delivery time 2-4 days

  • for wrapping + height variableself-adhesive + tear stripInner dimension: 293 x 235 x 35 mmOuter dimension: 347 x 238 x 47 mmWeight: 121gColor: brown
  • max. per parcel: 180
  • max. per pallet: 1680
  • no express service, no self pickup
From 20 pcs:€2.45*
From 100 pcs:€1.43*
From 180 pcs:€1.17*
From 540 pcs:€1.03*
From 1680 pcs:€0.89*
Variants from €0.69
From €0.69 pcs
Min.: 20 pcs step: 20 pcs
Summe: 20 x €2.45 = €49.00*

1200 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Letter-sized carton, maxi
  • Type: MB-3 white
  • Weight: 54g
  • Inner dimensions: 230 x 155 x 41 mm
  • Outside dimensions: 240 x 160 x 45 mm / DIN A5
  • Fefco standard: 0426
  • max. per parcel: 500
  • max. per pallet: 6500
From 50 Pcs:€0.44*
From 100 Pcs:€0.32*
From 500 Pcs:€0.23*
From 2000 Pcs:€0.16*
From 6500 Pcs:€0.17*
From €0.17 Stk.
From 6500 Stk.  
Min.: 50 Pcs step: 50 Pcs
Summe: 50 x €0.44 = €22.00*

66504 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Shipping box KK 10, corrugated cardbox, single wall
  • Inner dimensions: 200 x 150 x 90 mm
  • Outer dimensions: 205 x 155 x 100 mm
  • Folding: Fefco 0201
  • max. per parcel: 300
  • max. per pallet: 3500
From 50 Pcs:€0.37*
From 100 Pcs:€0.28*
From 300 Pcs:€0.25*
From 1200 Pcs:€0.24*
From 3500 Pcs:€0.22*
From €0.22
Min.: 50 Pcs step: 25 Pcs
Summe: 50 x €0.37 = €18.50*

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Everything you need to know when buying a shipping box

The shipping carton is an important component when it comes to sending valuable contents safely from the sender to the recipient. The number of parcels, packages and large letter boxes is constantly growing. This is especially due to the fact that online mail order is a constantly growing market. More and more online traders have to order inexpensive shipping boxes for the transport of goods and merchandise. It is important to be able to buy the right shipping carton for every delivery process. Besides the right size, the properties of the packaging material are crucial. Made-to-measure shipping cartons are the best prerequisite to ensure a safe shipment. But how do you find the right cardboard boxes for each item? Every online retailer needs the right shipping carton where do most buy it? Most people who buy shipping cartons do so in an online shop like

Where can you order shipping boxes cheaply and what should you look out for when shipping?

For large-volume and heavy contents, the stability and durability of the shipping carton are important properties. At the same time, the weight of the packaging should be as low as possible in order to save on shipping costs. When it comes to dimensions, it is crucial to pay attention to the specifications of the post office or other shipping service providers in order to pay as few shipping charges as possible. But where can you order cheap shipping boxes in Berlin? Nowadays, all you need to do to buy boxes for shipping is to order online from a wholesaler like This is possible, for example, in our shipping carton shop, because we are located directly in the capital.

We have compiled an overview of the most important packaging for safe and cost-effective transport:
Single-wall folding boxes are suitable for transporting light to medium-weight goods, while double-wall folding boxes are a good solution for heavy items. The Maxibrief box is ideal for sending products cheaply via Deutsche Post. If an even cheaper shipment without insurance is desired, the large letter box is suitable. Small folding boxes with flap lids and sealing flaps are very robust and designed for multiple shipments. If you want to send items as inexpensively as possible, choose the DHL folding box, which is adapted to the standard sizes of the post office. If you need to ship an elongated or rollable item, the shipping tubes are the right choice. If you need something even more individual, it is advisable to buy a shipping carton where you can customise the dimensions so that you always have the right cartons ready for shipping items of all kinds. But where can you buy shipping boxes? You can order shipping cartons from our shop.

What does the FEFCO type and the corresponding code describe?

Before starting the overview of the individual types of packaging, here is a brief explanation of the technical term FEFCO construction types and the four-digit FEFCO code.
The term FEFCO stands for European Federation of Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturers and originates in the French language (Fédération Européenne des Fabricants de Carton Ondule). The organisation has developed a classification to divide packaging made of solid or corrugated board into different basic types. The FEFCO code consists of four digits. The first two digits divide the shipping cartons and packaging into nine different basic types. The last two digits of the code designate special properties of the respective shipping carton. One of the advantages of this classification is that it can be easily understood internationally across country and language borders. In many global online shops you can buy inexpensive shipping cartons Berlin, however, has the best contact when it comes to buying shipping cartons with

Single wall shipping cartons are the best choice for transporting light to medium weight goods.

A cardboard box for shipping made of single flute material consists of two smooth sheets of cardboard, which form the top and bottom of the box. A corrugated sheet of cardboard is inserted between the two smooth surfaces and glued to the two smooth sheets. This creates a stable construction that is suitable for packaging goods. Single wall folding cartons have a low own weight and are quickly assembled. Due to the low weight, folding cartons can also be shipped at low cost. They are available in various designs. Due to the great stability, the material cannot be rolled up, in contrast to corrugated cardboard glued on one side. When delivered, the cardboard boxes are folded flat and save space. But where can you buy shipping cartons cheaply? Directly in our shop at you can find a cardboard box for shipping items of all kinds.

In the FEFCO types, single-wall folding cartons belong to group 02 with the generic term folding boxes / folding crates. You want to buy material for shipping cartons? Then you must first consider what size is needed. There are small and therefore also inexpensive cartons for shipping which, when assembled, measure 305 x 215 x 140 mm, while larger single wall folding cartons can reach dimensions of 630 x 430 x 400 mm. Nowadays, all you need to buy a corrugated cardboard shipping box at a low price is Internet access with online banking.

Light and medium-weight items can be packed quickly in these shipping cartons. The individual cardboard boxes are easy to stack. This makes single wall folding cartons suitable for warehouse work. The single wall carton for small weight shipping items is delivered flat folded and can be assembled in a few simple steps so that it can be filled with goods. An additional advantage of single wall folding cartons is that the shipping cartons can be easily folded after use. If used properly, the shipping cartons can be used several times and have a long service life.

Double wall folding cartons are the optimal solution for transporting heavy items.

Double wall folding cartons consist of a total of three sheets of smooth cardboard. The three flat surfaces form the top and bottom of the cardboard box and the third web serves as reinforcement in the middle. Two sheets of corrugated cardboard are inserted between the individual smooth sheets. In the production process, a single wall folding carton is joined with corrugated board glued on one side in a second step by gluing. Double wall folding cartons have a much greater stability than single wall folding cartons. A special feature of the flutes is that double wall folding cartons consist of differently shaped flutes. This further improves the stability of the shipping cartons. The tare weight is somewhat greater than with the single-flute variant. Nevertheless, the double flute folding carton is a space-saving solution when it is delivered folded. This ensures that a stable shipping carton made of corrugated board is indispensable when it comes to transporting heavy goods. You can buy shipping cartons directly from us at We have both single and double wall corrugated cardboard boxes for shipping.

According to the FEFCO classification, double wall folding cartons are also assigned to group 02 with the generic term folding boxes / folding crates. Double wall folding cartons have larger dimensions. For example, they are available in the dimensions 800 x 300 x 200 mm. A somewhat larger DHL shipping box measures 1188 x 588 x 579 mm.

It pays to be able to buy double-wall shipping boxes because their greater stability makes them the right choice when it comes to sending heavy items. With a load capacity of 30 kilograms, heavy or fragile items can be transported safely. When heavy loads such as books or crockery change locations during a move, double wall folding cartons are a good transport alternative. The shipping carton costs are therefore primarily dependent on the size and material of the carton for shipping.

Maxibrief carton as the ideal solution for inexpensive postal shipping

The Maxibrief box is a cost-effective solution if you intend to send smaller items via Deutsche Post, for example. The Maxibrief box is made of sturdy cardboard and often comes in brown or white. Due to its low height, the maxi letter box is perfect for low-cost mailing. Compared to the shipping carton, there is hardly any empty space that needs to be filled with filling material for the benefit of safe transport. The robust outer cover made of kraft paper protects the maxi letter box from damage that could occur during transport.

The maxi letter box belongs to the FEFCO Group 04 with the generic term folding covers and trays. The side walls and the lid are attached to the bottom of the cardboard box. The customised cardboard box is closed via the lid. The Maxibrief box is available in sizes ranging from 240 x 160 x 45 mm to 350 x 250 x 50 mm, depending on the storage space required. In the meantime, every large online shop has to order the shipping box every month, and the sizes ordered vary from shop to shop.

The Maxibrief box is well suited for sending smaller items or printed products in larger quantities. The practical boxes are compact and quickly ready for dispatch. This is because the Maxibrief box is already completely assembled and only needs to be filled. In addition to the low height of the Maxibrief box, the resealable lid is a particular advantage. This makes the Maxibrief box cost-effective, efficient and versatile.

Inexpensive transport of your documents with the large letter box

The large letter box is one of the shipping boxes for sending documents and printed matter by letter via Deutsche Post. With a maximum height of 20 mm, they are boxes for customised mailing. The second largest letter format used in Germany by Deutsche Post is made of sturdy cardboard material. It is lightweight and ideal as a mailing envelope for flat items. The large letter box is supplied in the colours brown and white.

Under the designation folded envelopes and trays, the large letter box belongs to the FEFCO type with classification 04. The large letter box is delivered flat in one piece. The sides are folded up and joined at the corners by folding them over. The sealing lid is located on the back. It is folded over and inserted into the side panel at the front. The dimensions of the large letter box vary between 165 x 125 x 20 mm and 350 x 250 x 20 mm. The decisive factor is that the maximum height of 20 mm is not exceeded according to Deutsche Post specifications.

When using the large letter box, the weight of the shipping box must be taken into account. It should not exceed 500 grams, including the contents, so that it can be transported by Deutsche Post at favourable conditions. With these specifications, for example, up to 95 DIN A4 pages of documents can be sent comfortably. CDs or DVDs can also be sent well with the large letter box. An advantage is the easy handling with secure closure.

Small folding cartons with hinged lid serve as robust cardboard packaging for multiple shipments

Small folding cartons are made of single-wall cardboard but still have good stability. A corrugated web is inserted between two smooth surfaces of cardboard to reinforce the structure. Small folding cartons are delivered in a space-saving manner. They are flat and can be assembled into a stable shipping box in just a few steps. The tare weight is low. This makes small folding cartons well suited for multiple transport of items. There are also small folding cartons that have a less robust finish and are therefore not suitable for sending via Deutsche Post.

Small folding cartons have been assigned by FEFCO to group 02 in their classification with the designation folding boxes / folding crates. This is based on the folding carton being delivered flat. The closure is made via the hinged lid, which is attached to the back of the small folding box. This is connected to the front of the box with the help of a closure flap. The dimensions depend on the goods that are shipped or stored with the cartons. For example, small folding boxes in DIN A4 format have dimensions of 305 x 215 x 200 mm.

Small folding cartons are used for shipping light items with small dimensions. In warehouse operations, small folding cartons are well suited for quickly stowing individual parts in preparation for storage. A particular advantage is that small folding cartons can be used several times if used properly.

DHL shipping cartons are specially optimised for low-cost shipping with Deutsche Post due to their dimensions.

The DHL shipping carton is one of the shipping cartons certified by Deutsche Post.
The dimensions of these boxes are specially designed for low-cost shipping with Deutsche Post. They are available in different versions for small packages and parcels. For parcels, you have the choice between sizes S and M. For packages, there are four differently standardised boxes in sizes S, M, L and XL. Thanks to its sturdy design, the DHL shipping box is also suitable for sending items weighing up to 31.5 kilograms. The DHL folding box is delivered in a flat version and can be assembled, loaded and ready for shipping in just a few minutes. You can find cartons for shipping items of all kinds at DHL.

As a folding carton, the DHL carton belongs to group 02 in the FEFCO classification. It is therefore in the category folding boxes / folding crates. The carton for shipping goods is made of corrugated cardboard and is secured at the top and bottom with a lid-bottom closure. An additional double L or double T closure secures the transport of heavyweight contents. In terms of dimensions, parcels come in sizes of 350 x 250 x 100 mm and 600 x 300 x 150 mm. For parcels, the dimensions vary between 600 x 300 x 150 mm and 1200 x 600 x 600 mm.

With cardboard shipping, you can send light to heavy items via Deutsche Post. Since the dimensions of the cardboard boxes are standardised and the maximum weight is also specified, the costs for sending are kept within limits. DHL specialises in shipping cardboard boxes. The special advantage of using Deutsche Post is that your package or parcel complies with the standards.

The shipping carton made to measure as an individual shipping carton for every article from your shop

A customised shipping carton is made individually according to the customer's wishes; this is possible for every article in your shop. Size, dead weight and specifications regarding the maximum weight of the payload determine the choice of material for the production of the cardboard boxes. The properties of the customised shipping carton are also individually tailored to the customer's needs.

If the made-to-measure cardboard boxes are folding boxes, the FEFCO assembly group 02 would be the correct classification. Lidded boxes have assembly group 03. For folding boxes made to measure, the customer determines the dimensions quite individually. For carton shipping, many of our customers buy customised cartons to ship their goods optimally.

Single-wall cardboard boxes for shipping are used to transport light objects. Sturdy cardboard boxes made of double- or triple-wall material are suitable for transporting heavy loads. The advantage of customised folding cartons is the possibility to take into account all the customer's specifications during production.

Square and round shipping tubes enable the transport of elongated objects.

Shipping tubes are triangular, square or trapezoidal shipping boxes in an oblong shape. In addition, there are round tubes made of spiral-wound cardboard for safe transport via Deutsche Post. Shipping tubes are usually supplied in brown and white. All mailing tubes are made of sturdy material that protects the contents. In the case of the shipping tubes in round shape, it is possible to simplify the closure by putting on a plastic lid. This facilitates handling when packing and unpacking.

According to the FEFCO classification, mailing tubes belong either to assembly group 02 folding boxes / folding crates or to assembly group 04 folding sleeves and trays. The dimensions for shipping tubes are based on the size of the goods to be shipped. Lengths from 80 mm to 5,000 mm are possible. The diameter of round shipping tubes can vary between 50 mm and 108 mm.

But where to buy shipping boxes? At you can order different sizes of shipping boxes.

With shipping tubes, rolled goods can be sent protected via Deutsche Post. For example, posters and drawings can be sent safely to their destination. The shipping sleeves protect against dirt or damage during transport.